Street Style for Summer 2018: Tips for Personalized Fashion

Street Style for Summer 2018: Tips for Personalized Fashion

Spring/Summer Fashion | Street Style

Summer is the season where you get to flaunt your warmer weather street style!  It’s time to get out the brighter colors, lighter fabrics, strappy sandals, and throw on some bold patterns if you’re feeling daring.  

Ready to hit the streets for a lunch date, a casual stroll, or a movie night with friends?  CMC pulled the trends from the Paris and Milan runaways and we’re breaking them down for you for inspiration.  

We’re here to guide you with the following style elements and hope you make them with your own!

Fashion is ever-evolving but sometimes it stays the same.  Neutral clothing from this era is in, think head-to-toe white overalls. It could be a little overboard for some, but both men and women can opt for an additional shade. Just keep it close to the original palette. Cream, taupe, and blue blazers, denim jackets, and shirts can be added to the mix.

When you look back, you might think that the 2000s or the Noughties were full of cheesy fashion elements. While this is partially true, it still has fantastic style gems that can be incorporated to make your street style even better!

For men, there’s a rise of baggy cargo pants, double denims, bucket hats, and skater outfits. While for women, velour, ribbed midi dresses, oversized suits, and ripped jeans are making a comeback.

Stripes and Checks
Minimalist street style is out and extravagant stripes and checks are in.  Both men and women can embrace this trend and sport side step trousers, which are not only stylish but also flattering to the legs. For the ladies, striped jumpsuits are big and will make for a loud but chic look when coupled with elevated shoes. Men, get your short-sleeved vertical striped shirts that highlight your body frame and can be worn almost anywhere.

Don’t forget the checks - trench coats, pants, shirts, and scarves are in for both genders.  They’re classy and playful enough for your stylistic indulgence.

Pastels and Bold Colors
Pastels are not just for spring this year.  Soft, baby colors are making rounds this summer and look extra good when your skin is bronzed.  Millennial Pink is the hottest bold color of the season and was also a hit in the Noughties era. We don’t recommend going for Millennial Pink overalls, but you could use this color to accent your overall style. 

Lush shades of green, orange, and blue will add tanginess to any summer outfit.  Whether you’re a man or a woman, make sure that you offset bright colors with neutrals and we recommend you wear them as coats or shoes so that they’re a playful accent not a fashion accident.

Street style depends on your personality so don’t be afraid to experiment and bring out your own brand to this summer season. Tag us on Instagram and maybe we’ll feature you as the next summer sensation!