How It Works

Click My Closet is a brand new experience that allows you to discover more about what you like - inside the content you love - when and how you want to. It’s as simple as “Clicking” on what really interests you.

From your LAPTOP and MOBILE:

  • While watching the video from your LAPTOP, when your cursor hovers over a clickable item the cursor will turn from an arrow to a green icon. Click it and you will see the item go into your “Virtual Closet”. A red icon means the item is not clickable.
  • The number of clicked items shows in the lower right on the main player.
  • When the player drawer is open you can click on the My Closet logo and go to your Virtual Closet where all the items you clicked on are saved. There, you can create looks, share with friends, or purchase items.
  • Explore at your own pace. You can pause the video anywhere, and keep on clicking within the paused video and items will save down to your “Virtual Closet”. 
  • On your MOBILE device you’ll need to touch the screen to see the green or red icons - but you probably already knew that.
  • Remember: All items can be saved, shared with friends, or purchased items. 

Some tips from the CMC team: 

  • If certain items are out of stock, we invite you to go to the “Ask A Stylist” section where one of our helpful Stylists can assist you in finding similar items. 
  • Watch multiple videos. The more you watch the more you’ll find Clickable unexplored items.
  • We suggest building multiple outfits. Mix and match items. Have fun. The sky’s the limit. It’s your dream closet make it uniquely yours!  

Please share your thoughts with us; we’d love to hear your feedback. Happy clicking!

What We're About

Click My Closet pulls back the curtain providing our viewers with unprecedented access to today’s hottest celebrities, stylists, fashionistas, and tastemakers.

Our goal is to provide unique, intimate content that pairs celebrities with their stylists. They share personal stories in a vivid format that explores style and taste in a way that allows our viewers to feel confident as they develop their own looks. We are about discovery, access, fashion, and “shopability”.

We achieve this through collaborative entertainment. This fun and informative immersion into fashion forms the lens through which one builds their own dream closet and creates their personal style. Our proprietary technology platform and content are the canvas from which users customize their unique journey. Whatever your fashion desire, we’ve got you covered.

As you curate and save your favorite fashions and accessories, you can choose to keep them private or share them with your friends. Using the intuitive social components of Click My Closet, you can ask your friends what they like best in your closet, share items you love with them, and they can share their favorites with you.

One of the best features of Click My Closet is your ability to purchase any fashion item that you must have. If an item happens to be sold out, or is too expensive, you can “Ask Our Stylist” for help. 

Join us for intimate sit-downs, discussions, and unfiltered rummages through our celebrities’ closets… as you fill yours.